Victoria Carter, Realtor
Victoria Fadel Carter, northern NJ's top realtor

Throughout your life, you will likely only buy or sell a home a handful of times. I, on the other hand, have been in the real estate business, helping others buy and sell homes for nearly two decades. I am Victoria Carter, a top realtor in northern New Jersey, and I completely understand the strains – both emotionally and financially – that these life-changing transactions can bring. Moving is undoubtedly one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, but you can easily relieve yourself of some of the burden as well as the time involved by working with a true professional in the real estate industry.

I am not the type of real estate agent who shows you listings or brings buyers through without any degree of personal connections. Instead, I make it my prerogative to work directly with you and your family in determining the best type of home that will fit your lifestyle and in such, helping to make your dreams come true. I will discuss with you and develop a list of your needs and search for the perfect property that meets these needs. If you are selling your home, you can count on me to be a trustworthy and wise advocate that will guide you through the selling process so you can leave the past behind in pursuit of your future.

Victoria Carter PATCH Interview

To me, success isn’t defined by the amount of listings that I – or any other real estate agent, for that matter – have. Success is defined by the ability to work with both parties and close the deal. My track record is something that I am very proud of because I only seek to close the right deals – the ones that are the best for my clients – and that is what sets me apart from other agents. The truth is, locally I have tremendous consistency in closing deals and as such I was recognized as #78 of 1.1 million agents nationwide in a 2016 Real Trends Survey in the Wall Street Journal.

Victoria Carter will tell you, "My work is my passion."

I have been a resident of New Jersey since 1994 and a professional in the real estate industry since 1998. I am absolutely thrilled that I have not only succeeded but climbed up the ranks of the industry profession in just a short period of time. Before I made the career change and became a realtor, I worked as a senior corporate executive in Manhattan at Saks Fifth Avenue. This corporate experience is what I credit with honing my skills in negotiating as well as enhancing my already competitive nature. These are the qualities that give me an edge when I negotiate on your behalf.

I absolutely love what I do and I know for a fact that I probably work too hard at it, but to me, it’s not work. To distinguish myself from other realtors in the industry, I have taken a business-like, professional approach in an effort to service my clients and I do it on a full-time basis. Because I want to excel, I know how important it is to be available seven days a week, both during the day and evening hours.

A part-time approach simply isn’t enough for realtors to connect with their clients and handle their financial and emotional implications when dealing with real estate transactions. It doesn’t matter whether the transaction is worth a few hundred thousand dollars, or over a million dollars, my clients receive the same attention to detail and care that you would expect from an accounting, legal or estate planning professional. My business and my clients are that important.

"I live where I work."

I have lived in the area where I focus my efforts for more than a decade. This allows me to centralize and focus on the communities that I am most familiar with and define the subtle differences that exist between towns. I know that it is often these small differences that allow you to feel most comfortable in your home and community. The most common differences that occur between towns include the school districts, daycare facilities, social activities, economic information, community groups as well as the age-range and the general life stage of the community’s residents.

The communities that I specialize in include:

Berkeley Heights, Chatham, Glen Ridge, Livingston, Maplewood, Madison,
Millburn, Montclair, New Providence, Short Hills, South Orange, Summit, Westfield,
West Orange

South Orange NJ

Victoria Carter's business philosophy

My philosophy is simple: I want to help you – my client - achieve your goals. If you are a seller, I want to help you get the highest possible price for your home, given the relative market conditions at the time of your sale. If you are a buyer, I want to genuinely connect with you to ensure that the homes I show you meet your needs in terms of space, pricing and community so that you can find your dream home.

When you work with me, my approach to client services and business philosophy can be established in these points:

  • My clients receive a very business-like approach and a high level of professionalism, no matter what type of real estate transaction is occurring.
  • I work with and adapt well to different types of clientele and economic realities that are found in the marketplace.
  • I have an innate ability that allows me to negotiate optimal deals and keep the real estate transaction moving ahead seamlessly and this truly sets me apart.
  • It is important for me to nurture good relationships and to cooperate with other real estate agents, attorneys and any other professionals that are involved in the transactions.
  • Because I limit myself to communities with which I am familiar, my expertise exceeds the norm that you find in real estate agents.
  • I have an excellent network within the communities I serve – this includes the real estate community as well as the local business community. As a result, I am often among the first to gain the lead on new market trends and properties.
  • In addition to being a straight shooter and telling it as it is, I am also empathetic, patient and honest.
  • My unwavering commitment to integrity shows through in all of my dealings.
  • I make myself available to clients anytime they need me – 7 days a week, night and day.
  • I make it my duty to educate my clients – especially the novice home buyers and sellers – on what is to be expected at every step in the process.

Victoria Carter: A personal snapshot

I am a native of Brooklyn, NY where I went to St. Francis College and subsequently graduated Summa Cum Laude with my BS Degree. I continued my education and graduated with an MS from Rutgers University. Out of college, my first career entailed working in the retail field, in management, for Saks Fifth Avenue Headquarters. I moved up the corporate ladder, ultimately landing the position of senior corporate executive. It wasn’t until a few years after moving to Essex County that I embarked on a new career path in real estate, approaching it with the same drive, focus, and integrity that I exemplified while working for Saks Fifth Avenue.

Today, in addition to maintaining an active and fruitful real estate career, I am enjoying raising my two sons with my husband. I make it a point to find the time to remain active in my community with special focus on the Junior League of the Oranges and Short Hills. I also served as the treasurer of the  90th Anniversary Gala. I am also a member of the National Association of Professional Women.

Contact Victoria at or (973) 220-3050.