Commuting is serious business. A recent article by The Washington Post explained how, "a mega commuter with a 90-minute commute is spending three hours a day on the road. That works out to more than a full month out of the year commuting." Not surprisingly, families look closely at the commute to New York City when comparing northern New Jersey towns, and access to the Midtown Direct train line is often a prime point of differentiation when deciding to buy a home.

Along the Midtown Direct route, the commute into New York City is one hour or less. As a result, these communities are commuter havens and magnets for families looking to access the city while maintaining a high-quality life that includes access to the top-rated schools characteristic of these suburbs. The members of the Victoria Carter team live in the towns that we cover. If you are interested in learning more about any of the commuting options from northern New Jersey, call Victoria on (973) 220-3050 or email:

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Commuting to New York City from Northern NJ

Because we know the importance of understanding the commute when you are looking at homes, the Victoria Carter Team has developed a Commuter Grid. It includes commuting options from the towns of Berkeley Heights, Chatham, Livingston, Madison, Maplewood, Millburn, Montclair, New Providence, Short Hills, South Orange, Springfield, Summit, Westfield and West Orange. The grid covers trains, buses, commuter parking permit options and even the estimated cost of an Uber. Search by keyword such as "Summit" or "train." Also, use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the table to move from left to right.

TownType of TransportationServiceSchedule to New York Penn Station or Newark Penn StationOn Midtown Direct Line and Service to PATH (Yes or No)Parking Permit Applications for Town (Website)Estimate of Uber Ride to Penn Station NYLyft Ride-Sharing Program (Yes or No)Line / RouteCommuter Parking AvailableDistance to New York City
Berkeley HeightsTrainNJ TransitWebsiteYesFlyer$54-65NoMorristown Line
Gladstone Branch
Yes27.8 Miles
ChathamTrainNJ TransitWebsiteYesWebsite$51-61NoMorristown LineYes24.5 Miles
LivingstonBusNJ TransitWebsiteNo$48-57NoRoute 70No22.3 Miles
LivingstonBusNJ TransitWebsiteNo$48-57NoRoute 71No22.3 Miles
LivingstonBusNJ TransitWebsiteNo$48-57NoRoute 73No22.3 Miles
LivingstonBusCoach USAWebsiteNo$48-57NoRoute 77No22.3 Miles
MadisonTrainNJ TransitWebsiteYesWebsite$54-65NoMorristown LineYes26.7 Miles
MaplewoodTrainNJ TransitWebsiteYes
Website$47-55NoMorristown Line
Gladstone Branch
Yes20.4 Miles
MaplewoodBusJitneyWebsiteNoWebsite$47-55NoLocal Jitney/ShuttleYes20.4 Miles
MaplewoodBusNJ TransitWebsiteNoWebsite$47-55NoRoute 25No20.4 Miles
MaplewoodBusNJ TransitWebsiteNoWebsite$47-55NoRoute 70No20.4 Miles
MillburnTrainNJ TransitWebsiteYesWebsite$51-61NoMorristown Line
Gladstone Branch
Yes24.2 Miles
MillburnBusNJ TransitWebsiteNoWebsite$51-61NoRoute 70No24.2 Miles
MontclairBusNJ TransitWebsiteNoWebsite$41-48NoRoute 191No20 Miles
MontclairBusNJ TransitWebsiteNoWebsite$41-48NoRoute 29No20 Miles
New ProvidenceTrainNJ TransitWebsiteYesWebsite$53-64NoMorristown Line
Gladstone Branch
Yes27 Miles
Short HillsTrainNJ TransitWebsiteYesWebsite$51-61NoMorristown Line
Gladstone Branch
Yes24.8 Miles
South OrangeTrainNJ TransitWebsiteYesWebsite$44-51NoMorristown Line
Gladstone Branch
Yes17.2 Miles
South OrangeBusJitneyWebsiteNoWebsite$44-51NoLocal Jitney/ShuttleYes17.2 Miles
South OrangeBusNJ TransitWebsiteNoWebsite$44-51NoRoute 107No17.2 Miles
SpringfieldBusNJ TransitWebsiteNo$50-59NoRoute 70Yes23.3 Miles
SummitTrainNJ TransitWebsiteYesWebsite$50-60YesMorristown Line
Gladstone Branch
Yes23.4 Miles
SummitBusNJ TransitWebsiteNoWebsite$50-60YesRoute 70Yes23.4 Miles
WestfieldTrainNJ TransitWebsiteNoWebsite$52-62NoRaritan Valley LineYes23.8 Miles
West OrangeBusJitneyWebsiteNoWebsite$44-52NoLocal Jitney/ShuttleNo17.7 Miles
West OrangeBusCoach USAWebsiteNoWebsite$44-52NoRoute 77No17.7 Miles
West OrangeBusNJ TransitWebsiteNoWebsite$44-52NoRoute 73No17.7 Miles