Property Evaluation / Neighborhood Analysis

Property Evaluation

When it comes to choosing the right person to sell your home, you want to choose someone that has intricate knowledge about the area and understands the nuances of the cities and towns. It is also important to understand the people that live in the area – in this case Essex County as well as the neighboring counties including Somerset, Passaic and Union. Being intimate with the community and its residents helps to ensure that your home is sold in a timely and profitable manner.

My Role

As a professional in the real estate industry, it is my duty to keep you – the seller – informed on all of the current trends and factors that affect your current property value. In addition, I will keep you informed in other important aspects, including past sales performances and the current property values of similar homes in your community. I can also provide you with a neighborhood analysis. 

Because I have been in the industry for several years, my understanding and experience in the subtle market fluctuations plays a pivotal role in selling your home. This type of experience and expertise is gained only by working in the industry for years, while handling a large volume of transactions – each of which proves to be a learning experience.

Why Work with Me

When it comes to selling your home, you need a real estate professional who can properly service their clients’ needs. When you work with me, I bring to the table my extensive experience and knowledge in the industry for you to benefit from. Unlike many real estate agents in the field, I possess extensive negotiating skills, which works in your favor. For this reason many of my clients are quick to refer friends, family and colleagues to me as well as return themselves in the future when they are dealing with additional property transactions.

If you are looking for more details and an in-depth discussion about the evaluation of your property, please feel free to contact me and schedule an evaluation. We will review your home, property as well as do an extensive market analysis on the properties in your community to establish valuation.