With convenient access to Routes 22, 24 and 78, Springfield is a town within Union County that offers a variety of offerings that have the makings of a fine lifestyle. Located only 23 miles southwest of New York City, Springfield has a population of about 14,000 residents who make up the area that encompasses only 5.1 square miles.

When prospective residents visit Springfield, they learn all about the excellent school systems, the convenient access to NYC and the many recreational facilities that residents can take advantage of. Couple these factors together with beautiful views of New York from certain homes and you have the perfect community in which to raise your family.

History of Springfield

Only two centuries ago, Springfield was a heavily forested area and since, the town has become a hub of history. Farms, lumbering and mills were the primary source of income and livelihood for residents in the area, but these were consistently threatened in the Revolutionary War. The enemy soldiers would enter what is now known as Springfield and help themselves to the grains along with the farm animals as a means of meeting their needs. Residents, as a result, were kept in a constant state of alarm and had to develop ways to warn the community of invasions that stole their livelihood. A cannon was set up to alert residents to flee when the enemy approached.

When the British made it through to Springfield they took to looting and burning the community. After all was said and done, there were only four houses remaining. Today, you can still find the historic Cannon Ball House which is located on Morris Avenue and is open to the public with an appointment, the Swaim House that is located on South Springfield Avenue and the Sayre House.

The town has undergone many changes since first being settled in 1710, but the last notable boundary change was made in 1869 when Summit was developed, taking a part of western Springfield. Since then, there have been no changes in the boundary lines.


One of the main attractions that draw people to Springfield, NJ is the fact that the commute to NYC is relatively easy. A NJ Transit bus service can offer a 45 minute commute during rush hour. Should you want to commute via train, the Millburn train station is not far off and a jitney service is offered.

Within the area, recreational activities can be found nearly anywhere you look, making it a perfect town to raise your family in. There are nine parks, and while small in size, offer many different activities. The most popular park is a 3-acre park known as Chisolm School Park. Here you can find two baseball diamonds along with a playground. If you are looking for more sports activities, The Springfield Municipal Pool has volleyball, basketball, shuffle board and bocci ball courts along with a lighted baseball diamond.

The Baltusrol Golf Club is also part of Springfield and since its founding in 1895, it has hosted seven US Open Golf Tournaments.

Excellent School Districts

In viewing the school districts in Springfield, NJ, it is abundantly clear that residents value the level of education their children receive. In addition to a pre-k and Kindergarten school, there are two schools that cater to grades one through four and a single middle school that caters grades five through eight. A single high school caters to the rest of the grades nine through twelve.

While Springfield schools offer a traditional curriculum, you will also find a public preschool that caters to children from the age of four, a facility that offers a full-day kindergarten class along with several other school offerings. Parents and students alike can call the homework hotline to ensure no assignments are missed and there are afterschool enrichment programs, a latchkey program and summer trips that are organized regularly.

Some fun facts about the Springfield School District:

  • Computers are first introduced in kindergarten
  • Average class sizes in Springfield schools is 18
  • There are Special-Ed courses along with programs available for gifted students
  • 14% of Springfield residents attend private schools
  • 92% of graduates from the public school district go onto college or higher education


The government of Springfield is relatively small in size. There are five committee members who are all elected to three year terms, and one member is chosen to act as Mayor.

Real Estate

Looking for homes in Springfield, you will notice that many homes have been created post-war and offer between three and five bedrooms. Architecture includes raches, split-levels and Colonial homes. Those looking for something smaller will find that there are 1,000 condominiums.

If you are looking for homes with a New York view, the “Baltusrol Top” is where you want to be.

The average median sales price for homes in Springfield is $382,000 with an average listing price of $401,934. Home prices range from around $150,000 through just over $1 million.