Short Hills, NJ

downtown Short Hills, NJThe Enclave of Short Hills

Families looking to settle down, and professionals looking for a home that keeps them within close proximity to the big cities often turn to Millburn Township, and more specifically the neighborhood of Short Hills, NJ to find their next home. Merely miles outside of New York City and with convenient access to train stations and public transportation, Short Hills, New Jersey is the ideal hometown for many.

There are currently approximately 13,000 residents that encompass the 5.2 square miles of the community. Short Hills is part of the Millburn township, with the two names used interchangeably. Short Hills has its own local post office along with its own railroad station, but it is considered to be an integral part of the Millburn township.

Short Hills is an ideal commuter hub for New York City

Short Hills was once a part of the Springfield Township before it became a part of Millburn. Originally designed as a planned community, Short Hills came to exist as Stewart Hartshorn wanted to build a community that would not be subject to real estate developments that subsequently destroyed the name. He named the area Short Hills partly due to the topography of the area, but also in part of the Lenape Native Americans having used the name to refer to the region.

Ideally looking to have land close to the railroad station to be a commuter town for those worked in the big cities, Hartshorn sought to build Short Hills right along the Morris and Essex Rail and in turn, he built his own railroad station, at his own expense. In 1880, he was successful in calling upon the USPS to set up a post office right within the train station itself and it has since existed in that very area.

In addition to the train station and post office, Hartshorn established 17 homes in the area and then sought to build it up as a town would by focusing his endeavors on a musical hall and an arboretum which is currently established in his daughter’s name.

Short Hills also has the well-known Mall at Short Hills that boasts over 1 million square feet and is home to several luxury shops including Tiffany & Co, Dolce & Gabbana, and Neiman Marcus. Residents can literally shop until they can’t shop anymore with over 100 stores available from which to choose.

Cora Hartshorn Arboretum Short Hills NJNature abounds in Short Hills

Residents regularly take advantage of Gero Park which is a 36-acre park that boasts many amenities including four tennis courts, a pool, baseball diamonds and a nine-hole golf course. Short Hills is naturist in appearance and great efforts are made to ensure that it remains this way. Hartshorn himself was a nature lover and ensured that the trees were taken care of. Any roads built were built keeping nature in mind rather than plowing and building over nature.

Nature is such a major part of Short Hills and Millburn Township that there is a forester that works to ensure that the township’s trees are maintained. Residents must have permits in order to have trees removed and the forester is also available to educate members of the town on how to properly care for and plant new trees.

Glenwood Elementary School Short Hills NJShort Hills Schools

Short Hills is part of the Millburn Township school system, a school district that is highly-rated and nationally recognized. Resident children can attend one of three elementary schools which feed into Millburn Middle School and Millburn High School. The three public elementary schools in Short Hills include: 

  • Hartshorn Elementary School
  • Deerfield Elementary School 
  • Glenwood Elementary School

For complete information on the Millburn Township school district, visit the Millburn Township Public Schools website

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