Chatham, NJ

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Chatham has excellent schools and easy access to New York City

In a recent article in the New York Times, Chatham was described as having “a strollable downtown and good schools.” Truly a beautiful town, it encompasses only 2.3 square miles and is known for nationally-ranked schools, a variety of community recreational programs, and a wealth of history. Dotted with Colonials, ranches and split levels, homes tend to sell quickly as they are extremely desirable for both families starting out and those looking to expand. 

Chatham Borough is a commuter’s haven and very popular among residents who work in New York City. There is easy access to trains and buses plus commuters take advantage of the metropolitan highway network which offers another level of convenience. Whether you are looking for a single-family home or an apartment on the outskirts of NYC, you will find it right here in the heart of Chatham.

Located near the Passaic River and Watchung Mountains

Established in 1710 by Europeans, Chatham was originally part of the Morris Township. Located in close proximity to the Passaic River and the Watchung Mountains, Chatham served as a vantage point for the American Revolutionary War. In 1806, Chatham Township was formed and consisted of several small villages nearby along with lands that were unsettled.

In 1892, Chatham formed a village government and only five years later, established itself as a borough, attempting to leave behind the Morris Township which the residents felt had failed them. This sentiment was partly due to the fact that despite paying 40% of the Township taxes, they received in return only 7% of the receipts in terms of services. This resulted in townspeople raising their own money to install streetlamps fueled by kerosene and the roads remained in disrepair. In 1910, Chatham adopted part of Florham Park as part of its borough.

Today, Chatham has a borough council with six council members, all of whom are elected at large for staggering three-year terms. The town also has a mayor elected by the voters, and (s)he serves a four-year term.

Charming shops and eateries in downtown Chatham

No matter where you live in Chatham, there is a central business district that is easily accessible and within walking distance. Charming shops and eateries line the streets of the town center. Residents also have access to a public library along with several service-oriented shops, tennis courts, a marvelous playground and town pool.

While there are no shopping malls in the town itself, a short drive to The Mall at Short Hills and Livingston mall will grant you all the shopping you can imagine. The Mall at Short Hills, in particular, is famous for its popular brand name stores and consists of over one million square feet of retail space.

Chatham NJ high school


School District of the Chathams

Since 1986, Chatham has shared its school district with Chatham Township and the school district is now known as School District of the Chathams. Chatham is also home to the private Saint Patrick School which was founded in 1872 and serves children from pre-school ages through eighth grade.

In addition to the shared school district, the Library of the Chathams is also shared between Chatham borough and Chatham Township.

For complete information on the Chatham school district, visit the School District of the Chathams website

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