Berkeley Heights, NJ

downtown Berkeley HeightsBerkeley Heights has quiet streets and beautiful parks

Located in Union County, New Jersey, Berkeley Heights has a population of approximately 13,000 residents. People love the Berkeley Heights area due to its quiet streets, comfortable homes and many parks which create the perfect atmosphere for raising a family and enjoying life.

Recreational activities and a charming downtown shopping environment draw residents to this prestigious area in search of a new home. The town is consistently recognized as one of the best communities in which to live in northern New Jersey. Until the late 19th century, the community was considered part of New Providence. In 1952, it became known as Berkeley Heights. 

Varied Architectural Styles 

In Berkeley Heights, you will find a variety of architectural styles for the homes. There are also condominiums in Berkeley Heights which are contemporary in design and located conveniently on Springfield Avenue.

There is a unique aspect to a community within the Town known as Free Acres. Here, homeowners do not have any legal rights to the property that their home is on, but rather they lease it. In addition, it is a community that governs themselves using the majority voting system and they are responsible for running their own water system and maintaining their own roads. You will not find any streetlights here as the community wishes to maintain its natural, rural setting.

Over in Cinnamon Ridge, you will find newer, Colonial homes and throughout the towns in Berkeley Heights, you can find a wide variety of architecture types including split-level homes, Cape homes and vintage style homes as well.

Berkeley Heights NJ parksRecreation and Family-friendly activities

Berkeley Heights is easily accessible by train and nearby major highways. Because of increasing development, the Township committee in Berkeley Heights is working diligently in order to keep the community character and beauty. For example, there is a brick walkway located near the train station that is sentimental in nature as it is inscribed with the names of residents who have lived in Berkeley Heights for quite some time. Springfield Avenue is home to the shopping and business districts, and it is also where you will find the train station, police station, post office and the municipal building.

With such naturist surroundings, there is no surprise that Berkeley Heights has many spacious parks for residents to enjoy along with recreational programs that are designed for all ages. There are swim clubs, basketball and tennis courts, baseball fields, and a large playground. There is a community pool located on Locust Avenue along with two other available pools for swimmers.

There are several parks that residents can choose from to enjoy nature – the primary two being Passaic River County Park and the Watchung Reservation. There are many activities for individuals and families alike including hiking the numerous trails, horseback riding, picnicking and fishing or canoeing. The Historic Village of Old Feltville is available for residents to view as well.

Summer is a fun time for children with the summer camp program designed for grade school children. Along with youth sports and fitness programs, there are movies and outdoor concerts for all to enjoy. 

Columbia Elementary School Berkeley Heights NJBerkeley Heights has excellent schools

Like many communities in New Jersey, an emphasis on academic excellence is found here in Berkeley Heights. There are two school systems available with four elementary schools and a single middle school governed by the local Board of Education. These schools boast a highly qualified staff of teachers and parent-teacher organizations that are nothing short of ambitious. The high school – Governor Livingston Regional High – contains a very high percentage of merit scholars.

For complete information on the Berkeley Heights school district, visit the Berkeley Heights Public Schools website

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